An Excerpt from Succos Inspired:



"... In a world of chaos we thirst for order. The word Succah is related to the word Socheh – 


profound or prophetic vision. When we enter inside of the succah we have an 


opportunity to see the world the way Hashem wants us to. The succah is like a new pair 


of lenses through which we gain a fresh perspective of ourselves, the Jewish people and 


Hashem. As with many things in life, what one will take from this sefer depends on the 


lens of their approach. It is important for me however to express my own intentions in 


writing this book and hopefully inspire you to journey through it with similar eyes. 



Halacha -Jewish law, and Hashkafa - Jewish philosophy, are two different 


aspects of Torah. The word Halacha comes from the word Halicha, to walk or be mobile. 


It refers to the journey that we take. Hashkafa literally means view or perspective, a 


type of vision. It refers to the perspective we have during the journey. One’s hashkafa 


has a direct impact on the way in which they view and follow Halacha. Meaning, the 


way in which we view the Torah will define the way in which we travel through life and 


therefore, the direction that it takes us in. 



Instead of focusing on the halachos of succos, this is a sefer on hashkafa, vision. 


Its purpose is two-fold: The first is to fill our minds with deep and meaningful ideas 


about Succos by highlighting aspects of the chag that we may not have always been 


sensitive to. The second is to inspire our hearts’ desire to grow from the words of Torah, 


instead of letting them remain in ‘neutral,’ a place so easy for us to get stuck in. These 


two goals are both critical, as Torah is not just about having “a good vort” or deep ideas, 


but rather about being learned, integrated and acted upon. These two goals are 


reflected in the overall structure of the book. Some chapters focus more on depth of 


understanding and others towards powerful inner change...."